Driver Education Courses. Page Content. Students who are at least 14½ years old and are pursuing a high school diploma or GED can enroll in an approved driver education course provided through North Carolina high schools. A birth certificate or passport is required to enroll.

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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Driver Education flow launched a National Driver Education Teacher Certification and Recognition .

  • Online Monitors (Teacher): You will be able to communicate with online monitors for assistance or explanations of course-related materials any other questions you may have. This will be done via internal mail, live help, or telephone.

  • PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR'S LICENSE QUALIFICATIONS. Professional Educator's Continuing Licenses are intended for teachers with 3 or more years of teaching experience, and are valid for five years. Teachers who are fully licensed in another state who have three or more years of teaching experience AND who meet NC State Board.

  • Complete a certified driver education program (Contact the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle - Ms. Wendy House at (919) 861-3109 by email at or Public School Licensure, Driver Education Program at East Carolina University – Licensure add-on).

  • Policy Title, Certified Driver Training Instructor. Policy Category, Drivers Education (DRIV). Policy ID, DRIV-003. Policy Date, 2018-06-07. Previous Policy Dates .

  • LAWS RELATED TO DRIVER'S TRAINING. Please note that the North Carolina State Board of Education Policies as well as the North Carolina General Statutes 115C for Elementary and Secondary Education apply to all local education agencies throughout North Carolina. NC SBE Policy GCS-R-002 requires Driver's Training be taught outside the instructional.

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North Carolina has the most stringent driver education requirements in the program at Western Michigan University and is a certified family life educator .

Each applicant for specialized driver instructor training shall: or equivalent within the last three years or hold a current North Carolina teaching certificate;.

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North Carolina has the most stringent driver education requirements in the country; both student and instructors are required to complete several steps for licensing. All driver-training educators must have specific training, pass a written test and road test, and also be supervised prior to recommendation for being licensed.