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After putting the Windows XP SP2 into action I come to a phase where I'm asked to insert the "VIA RAID Combo Driver Diskette". I do that with the drive I think the floppy should contain.May 13, 2011 To create the driver disk for Windows installation, you need to copy the contents of the folder named DriverDisk in the zip file, but not the folder .When prompted, insert the SATA / SATAII driver diskette containing the VIA RAID driver. After reading the floppy disk, the After reading the floppy disk, the driver will be presented.

Products for hard disk monitoring · Add-ons, extensions · Download Hard Disk Sentinel By using this controller (and especially with an older driver for AMD AHCI However, this is not really related to Hard Disk Sentinel and completely the better AMD chipset and RAID driver from the Driver Zone section or from the .When prompted, insert the SATA / SATAII driver diskette containing the VIA To operate SATA RAID utility under Windows Vista, please right-click “VIA V-Raid.Now click the Insert button at the bottom and select “Multiple driver folder”, choose the folder where the extracted drivers are and click OK. If there are multiple choices, select the correct drivers to integrate. For example, do not select 64 bit drivers on a 32 bit Windows XP. Click OK when done selecting the drivers. Click.

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Mar 18, 2005 Insert a blank 1.44MB floppy disk into your computer. Next, download the appropriate nForce driver for the chipset your motherboard uses. Insert your Windows XP or Windows XP 64-bit Edition installation CD to proceed .Insert RAID Driver Floppy? Raid 0 on P55 under windows XP; How to install additional drivers when you don't have a fl. Internet Browser Floppy Disk Install.hi the question is when i'm try to install winxp64 after the program format drives, appars on the screen a message insert the disk labeled: VIA RAID combo Driver Diskette.

JBOD. Disk Concatenation. 2 or 3 or 4. RAID 0 (Striping). This RAID array to be 6. Insert the floppy disk, then press Enter. 7. Select. VIA. V-RAID. Controller.Insert the F6 driver disk when prompted by a USB floppy drive or create a slipstream .Please note that there is a known issue with audio and/or video playback and the V-RAID driver v5.40A. Not all users experience this issue and it is still under investigation.

Windows goes on, loads its stuff, I hit F8, partition, etc. Problem is that after I partition the drive I am prompted to put the "VIA RAID Combo Diskette" in my floppy drive and press enter to continue before Windows goes on to setting up its files. I have no idea what this disk is. I tried the one that came with my motherboard and the one that I created, both yielding no luck.Download the latest drivers for your VIA VT RAID Controller to keep your VIA V-RAID Driver is a combo driver for VIA VT IDE RAID Insert the Controller Driver diskette into the CD drive then select Search for the. VIA V-RAID Driver is a combo driver for VIA VT IDE RAID controller, discrete Serial ATA RAID controllers.Hey guys, new to the forum. Here is my problem: I have a raid 0 setup in my lappy with my sata drives. one of them died. i lost all my info anyway, i rma the drives, got new ones. now im trying to install windows, but am having trouble. i put the sata raid drivers on the diskette, connected a usb floppy, booted windows, hit f6 and loaded.

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