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  • Jul 19, 2012 During the upgrade of the VMWare Tools the file \windows\system32\Drivers\vmci.sys was marked as corrupt. With the very unpleasant effects .How To Change Oracle Database Character Set Change Oracle DB Character Set If you want to change from WE8MSWIN1252 to AL32UTF8. C. RC-20200: Fatal: Could not find Unzip.I am currently using Windows 10 (I upgraded from windows 8.1) and I have no problem at all. Can you be a bit more clear on your issue? My suggestion would be to try re-installing VMWare, making sure all valuable files.

  • Thanks to VMware Workstation 11, Windows and Linux users can run, evaluate, and test Windows 10 in a virtual machine. Whether you’re upgrading an existing Windows 7 or 8 virtual machine, or installing from scratch for that fresh, new-operating-system experience, VMware Workstation 11 lets you discover all of the latest features that Windows 10 has to offer, right from the comfort.Jan 17, 2012 I have just installed VMWare Workstation 8 over my old VMWare Workstation 6.5 on Windows 7. On my first run I already got the error message.En este vídeo encontrarás como arreglar el error Could not get vmci driver version. Invalid driver. You have an incorrect version of driver vmci.sys.

  • With that dialog open you will see a list of your PC’s drivers that are installed on the system, once here you should notice a yellow exclamation mark next to a driver labelled “vmci”. Simply right click it and select update driver and then choose “let Windows find the best driver”, wait until the process finishes and then close the dialog. In most cases this will correct the issue if you had an outdated driver left behind if you upgraded Vmware Workstation or player.Try reinstalling VMware Workstation. Failed to initialize monitor device. Obviously, I was concerned, but there is a simple way to solve it - just right-click the VMWare Workstation icon and use Run as Administrator.Vmci.sys is a type of SYS file associated with VMware Workstation 7 developed by VMWare for the Windows Operating System. The latest known version of Vmci.sys is, which was produced for Windows.

  • Fix Open the vmx file related to the vm; Locate and change the following line to vmci0.present = “false”.2018年6月21日 VMware Workstation 執行虛擬系統時出現錯誤訊息:“You have an incorrect version of driver vmci.sys” 在所安裝虛擬系統的資料夾下找到.i reinstalled vmware Tools and Workstation Player but I still get the error: It could be same as desrtcibed Correct Answer by wila on Sep 8, 2018 1:25 AM Especially if you have driver version issues that is a required step.

  • When I start the virtual machine in VMware Workstation 8 I receive the following error: You have an incorrect version of driver “vmci.sys”. Try reinstalling VMware .Oct 15, 2016 Need to fix the vmci.sys error in vmware workstation/player on This error often occurs in older versions of Vmware workstation particularly the version 8 In most cases this will correct the issue if you had an outdated driver .Try reinstalling VMware Player. Labels: Virtualization , windows 8 Just got this problem trying to run a Windows XP image (x86) on Windows 8 Developer Preview (x64) with User Account Enabled (although I’m pretty sure the same happens to any other x64 system with UAC enabled).

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When i start the virtual machine in VMware Workstation 8 i receive the following error: You have an incorrect version of driver "vmci.sys". Try reinstalling VMware.I found other reports of this error in Workstation 8 said it could be fixed by: "modifying This will allow the VM to boot, but you won't have any .When you use a Windows 8.1 virtual machine on Workstation 12 Pro with an earlier hardware version, Microsoft office PowerPoint 2013 might not run smoothly This issue occurs on Workstation 12 Pro when you do not use the default hardware version, version 12, but use an earlier version, such as hardware version.

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